MBA in Tourism Business
MBA in Tourism Business USEK

Providencia (Metro Salvador)

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September 2016

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The MBA in Tourism business is a SEK University official program. It has as main objectives to achieve an advanced and innovative both theoretical and practical training, for investing, management and organization of tourism business in Latin America (travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, consulting, airlines, cruises, complementary services, and others), through learning management techniques in the different functional areas of the tourism sector (strategy, finance, marketing, organization, economy, communications, quality assurance, operations and logistics, entrepreneurship, project formulation, human resources, among others) as well as a comprehensive training in the Latin America business environment.

The MBA consists of 15 courses of theoretical and practical training specializing in tourism, taught in English, and three thematic onsite workshops.

There are three Diplomas programs under the MBA

  • Diploma in Tourism Industry
  • Diploma in Strategic Tourism Management
  • Diploma in Tourism Projects Management

These Diploma Programs, consisting of several courses, are specific and compact academic units which deepen in a particular area, thus contributing to provide participants with a specific competencies curriculum for performance in the tourism field. If a participant attends just one Diploma Program she/he will obtain a Certificate. Participants, who attend all three Diplomas of the Master's Program and elaborate a corresponding certification paper, may enter the degree of MBA in Tourism business.

The MBA program is intended for people with motivation and interest to study and develop tourism business in Latin America, as well as graduates and professionals who are interested in acquiring or strengthening professional skills needed to work in the tourism field. In either case, the training acquired will be key both to start an investment project or a career to get a more competitive profile in an established industry.

To obtain the degree of MBA, candidates must attend 3 Diplomas aforementioned, 3 site thematic workshops and elaborating a final project. Said project may be developed individually or as a 3 people group as a maximum. It may be focused on a tourism company plan by formulating an internationalization plan of a company in the tourism field or in the development of an Innovation plan referred to companies operating in the area, based on the return for the current company or launching future projects.

To join the MBA, participants must full fill the following requirements:

  • Letter of motivation or intention to participate in Diploma or MBA Program.
  • Accrediting graduate or professional academic background only for MBA Program.