Advance diploma in tourism business
Advance diploma in tourism business USEK

Providencia (Metro Salvador)

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II Version November 2016

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The Advance Diploma in Tourism business is a SEK University official program. It has as main objectives to achieve an advanced and innovative both theoretical and practical training, for investing, management and organization of tourism business in Latin America. The Advance Diploma program is offered in Campus Providencia of SEK University in Santiago de Chile.

The Advance Diploma consists of 5 courses of theoretical and practical training specializing in tourism, taught in English, and one thematic onsite workshops.

Programs, consisting of several courses, are specific and compact academic units which deepen in a particular area, such as tourism economy in Latin America, tourism quality system or marketing of tourism destinations.

The Advance Diploma in Tourism business program is intended for people with motivation and interest to study and develop tourism business in Latin America, acquiring or strengthening professional skills needed to work in the tourism field.

Term I Diploma in Tourism Industry (6 months)

  • Tourism Economy in Latin America
  • Tourism industry in Chile and Latin America
  • Tourism Destinations and Local Communities
  • Tourism Quality System
  • Marketing of Tourism Destinations
  • Thematic Workshop 1

The Advance Diploma in Tourism business is offered through a teaching learning process carried out by the rapporteur, instructor or facilitator, to a group of participants organized as a class, who should be involved during the entire process of instruction of each module.

The Advance Diploma program is taught in English language. It includes specialized academic literature dossiers and scholar assistance in English.

To join the Advance Diploma in Tourism business, participants must full fill the following requirements:

  • Letter of motivation or intention to participate in Diploma Program.
  • Higher secondary education certificate.